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IRS Tax Problems
Back Taxes? Levy Notices? We can help!

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If you owe back taxes to the IRS, it is almost certain that you have received certified letters. Unfortunately, the threatening IRS collection letters are only the beginning of an IRS tax problem.

From IRS tax liens to bank levies, from wage garnishments to outright closure of your business, or seizure of your home – the IRS has a number of powerful tax collection tools that could destroy your family’s finances. However, taxpayers have a great arsenal of tax resolution tools to help minimize the devastating effects of IRS’ enforced tax collections. This site was designed to provide taxpayers with objective and accurate IRS Tax Help. Our experienced Enrolled agents and CPA’s Invite you to research your tax problem with the IRS, explore your options, and download forms 433, OIC, and 9465, helpful IRS forms.

Our E.A’s and CPA’s have saved millions in taxes, penalties, and interest for our clients, ask to see our portfolio.

We can help you settle your back taxes, release your levy, save your home or business and end any other IRS tax problem. We will gladly answer your questions and explain your options!

I hired the services of Eagle Tax Representatives, which definitely turned out to be the best choice when representing my case as an IRS agency. I am truly grateful because they helped me resolve my tax problem with the IRS, which was an Offer in Compromise. Thank you, for your professionalism and competence.
-Napoleon T.